This year, I'm celebrating 7 years as FITMOM Ottawa's owner. In this time I have had the opportunity to meet hundreds of women and families in our community. Our community of mothers is what really makes FITMOM classes special. Without the love, support and belief in FITMOM, our programs, classes and services wouldn’t be what they are today. To help celebrate our 7 year milestone I have asked some of our FITMOM Community Members to share their experience with you!

Our first Member Spotlight is Genevieve. I originally met her at FITWOMAN classes when I was still a client, before I bought the business. She was my very first FITMOM client when I resurrected the business in October 2010. Seven years later, I'm happy and honoured that she's still enjoying coming to weekly FITWOMAN classes!

Q:Which FITMOM are you?

I discovered FITMOM & Baby after Chloé was born and I graduated to FITWOMAN where I met Susan (briefly) before she owned the company. Just after that, I needed to move to the FITMOM 2B class for my second pregnancy. There were no FITMOM classes between the end of June and when Susan took over so I sent many pleading emails to Susan (who was in the process of buying FITMOM Ottawa) requesting her to begin offering FITMOM and Baby classes again when my son, Sascha was born, so that I could continue FITMOM classes with my second baby.

Q:When did you start FITMOM?

I've been a fan and a member since 2009.

Q:What keeps you coming back?

I keep coming back because it's given me a community of moms, introduced me to some amazing women and has gotten me out of the house for a 8:00 pm class every Monday for almost 8 years.  

Q:What is your favourite FITMOM class?

I miss FITMOM and Baby classes, but not the diapers... so I'd have to say FITWOMAN on Monday nights with Lindsay is my favourite because she has has managed to keep it diverse, motivating and knows how to get results.

Q:What’s the exercise you love to hate?

I have to modify burpees and supermans due to a back injury so I don't have the same love/hate relationships with these exercises that other women may have. That said, i always love it when we do a greater focus on abs, even when it burns, 'cause that part of my body loves to remind me I've had 2 kids.

Q:What’s the biggest benefit you’ve received from attending FITMOM Classes?

A more constant and sustained focus on exercise in my life - I hate, and will always hate gym memberships. But most of all, the amazing women I've met over the years who have become my friends.

Thank you so much for sharing your story and your FITMOM experience with us Genevieve!

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