Recently, I celebrated 7 years as the owner of FITMOM Ottawa (FITMOM came to Ottawa five years before I took over). In this time I have had the opportunity to meet hundreds of women and families in our community. Our community of mothers is what really makes FITMOM classes special. Without the love, support and belief in FITMOM, our programs, classes and services wouldn’t be what they are today. To celebrate, I asked some of our FITMOM Community Members to share their FITMOM experience with you.

Meet Kim. She's been coming to FITMOM classes since my first round of summer classes in the park. I love that she lived in the neighbourhood, saw my poster and came to check it out. With the exception a few weeks to she took to recover from the birth of her second baby, she's been one of my most consistent attendees. Kim is smart and funny, likes to laugh, is a wonderful storyteller, is passionate about fitness and health and is a very loyal and true friend. She makes me laugh often and is always a bright light in my classes. She has been one of my biggest cheerleaders almost from the day I met her:)

Q:Which FITMOM are you?

All of them! :)

Q:When did you start FITMOM?

July 2011, when my oldest daughter Robyn was 7 months old. 

Q:What keeps you coming back?

The community of women, the classes that are never the same twice, and of course, Susan!!!

Q:What is your favourite FITMOM class?

FITMOMs Jackie & Kim - Summer 2014

FITWOMAN because I get to leave my kids at home - JOKES! Well, kind of. FITWOMAN allows me to come and leave all the crazy at home and focus 100% on me (and sometimes on Sue's instructions...). There's a photo Sue took of me a couple years ago, with another FITMOM (Jackie) wearing our FITMOM t-shirts. In that photo I have the craziest, biggest smile on my face, and every time I look at it I think "there I am." 

Q:What’s the exercise you love to hate?

Mountain climbers - UGH 

Q:What’s the biggest benefit you’ve received from attending FITMOM Classes?

The friendship of some of the amazing women (and one man - okay, it's Chris) who I have gotten to know over the years. Of course, the workouts are amazing and my abs are leaner for it all, but the biggest benefit has easily been to my mental health. Having a community of women who are experiencing the similar aches and pains of raising young kids at the same time as managing a demanding full-time career has had an immeasurable impact on my well-being.

Thank you so much for sharing your FITMOM experience with us Kim!

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