Recently, I celebrated 7 years as the owner of FITMOM Ottawa (FITMOM came to Ottawa five years before I took over). In this time I have had the opportunity to meet hundreds of women and families in our community. Our community of mothers is what really makes FITMOM classes special. Without the love, support and belief in FITMOM, our programs, classes and services wouldn’t be what they are today. To celebrate, I asked some of our FITMOM Community Members to share their FITMOM experience with you.

Meet Nicole: She's been coming to FITMOM classes for her second round, for well over a year. She's always been super consistent, often attending 2 or 3 classes a week during her mat leaves. This time around, she extended her leave, so I've been lucky to see her and her little guy often! I love her commitment and dedication to fitness. Despite coming from the outskirts of Ottawa, she looks for the time and day that suits her schedule and gets there. Unless she's away on holidays, I can always count on seeing her lovely face and hanging out with her adorable boy. I love that I've been able connect with her on a more personal level and I'll miss her and her boys when she returns to work!


Q:Which FITMOM are you?

FITMOM Stroller Strength and FITMOM & Baby!

Q:When did you start FITMOM?

December 2014 with my first son, then again in April 2017 with my second son. 

Q:What keeps you coming back?

It feels good to workout and spend time with your baby. Otherwise I probably wouldn't workout as much.

Q:What is your favourite FITMOM class?

I love the stroller strength classes because I love the fresh air and sun for baby and me!

Q:What’s the exercise you love to hate?


Q:What’s the biggest benefit you’ve received from attending FITMOM Classes?

Aside from doing something for myself and feeling good, it makes me leave the house and get out with others at the same stage in life as me. 

Thank you so much for sharing your FITMOM experience with us, Nicole!

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