This year, I'm celebrating 7 years as FITMOM Ottawa's owner. In this time I have had the opportunity to meet hundreds of women and families in our community. Our community of mothers is what really makes FITMOM classes special. Without the love, support and belief in FITMOM, our programs, classes and services wouldn’t be what they are today. To help celebrate our 7 year milestone I have asked some of our FITMOM Community Members to share their experience with you!

Meet Stephanie. Steph started in the FITMOM 2B class, brought along by a new friend she met at prenatal aquafit. I will forever be thankful that she found FITMOM because Steph makes me laugh every single time I see her. She's good for my soul. She's funny, she's raw, she's true to herself, she tells it like it is and she lets you into her life. I've only known her for a little more than two years, but I feel like I've known her forever.

Q:Which FITMOM are you?

All of them. FITMOM 2B, FITMOM Stroller StrengthFITMOM and Baby, FITWOMAN

Q:When did you start FITMOM?

I began FITMOM 2B in my second trimester, it was sometime in summer 2015. I was so desperate for a real workout. Prenatal aquafit and yoga just wasn't enough. I was so excited when Natalie (my fellow fitmom for life) recommended it. We signed up together and have been close friends ever since. 

Q:What keeps you coming back?

I keep coming back because I feel great! The workouts lift me up mentally and physically. I love being surrounded by such amazing, strong, like-minded moms. It makes me feel like I'm part of a community. FITMOM made me realize that I am strong and resilient and can handle anything momhood throws my way. I seriously miss it when I can't get to my class! (Side benefit: my a$$ has never looked better in a pair of jeans!) 

Q:What is your favourite FITMOM class?

This is the hardest question by far! FITMOM Stroller strength and outdoor FITWOMAN are probably my favourite, just because I love working out outside. That said, the Saturday morning FITWOMAN is probably my favourite. I love that I can bring my daughter to the class, and be a good role model for her (nothing cuter than a one year old trying to do push ups and squats!) I want her to grow up making her health and fitness a priority and I hope that if she sees me doing it too, she'll follow my lead. 

Q:What’s the exercise you love to hate?


Q:What’s the biggest benefit you’ve received from attending FITMOM Classes?

Too many to narrow it down to just one, but i guess if I have to, it would be post partum recovery. I was definitely falling into post partum anxiety and depression after I had my daughter. FITMOM classes were my life preserver. It pushed me to get up and out of the house. It gave me a community of supportive moms who helped me in so many ways, from sharing advice to breast milk and everything in between. FITMOM has been so much more than exercise to me.

Thank you so much for sharing your FITMOM experience with us Steph!

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