5 Reasons why FITMOM's Unlimited Promotion is the best thing you can do this Summer!

Spring is coming! And, each year when spring comes, FITMOM's Get FIT for Summer with UNLIMITED Classes Promotion comes with it! It's the time of year when all fitness providers are working hard to convince you to join their classes/gym, so you're likely trying to figure out: WHY should I join FITMOM and register for this promotion?

Here are my top FIVE reasons:

1. Working out more than once a week has tons of benefits

Seeing results more quickly is one of the biggest benefits of being active more than once a week. It's well known that it takes four weeks for you to notice differences in yourself, eight weeks for friends and family to notice and twelve weeks for everyone else to notice. Committing to our Get FIT for Summer Promotion is a great way to show everyone else how hard you've worked!

It's also well documented that you'll begin to see dramatic improvements in your aerobic fitness and cardiorespiratory health when you are consistently exercising between two and four times per week.

With four FITMOM Stroller Strength/FITMOM & Baby classes and two FITWOMAN classes on the schedule between Monday and Friday, it's even easier to get out to two or three classes each week!

2. You get to bring your baby/older children to class with you (or not!)

How great is it that you get to workout using your baby as resistance? As your baby grows, you'll use her weight to help you become stronger!

I know many moms who took FITMOM classes with their first baby and are excited to come back when they have their second (or third or even fourth!) baby, but either don't have care for their older children or school is out and kids are at home for the summer. Don't worry, you're welcome to bring your older children to class with you. Snacks and toys are a big help to keep them busy, but often big brothers and sisters want to just "workout" alongside (or on top of) their mommies!

You can also attend any of the daytime classes solo, if that's what works best for your schedule.

3. We're exercising in the great outdoors

Ottawa can have some long and cold winters, making it nearly impossible to get outside with our wee ones, so as the days get longer and the weather becomes warmer, most of us want to be outside enjoying every moment we can! Classes run in the sun and the rain, but lucky for us, our FITMOM Stroller Strength location has lots of shade to keep your babies cool and some form of covered area to keep you and your babies dry from the rain.

4. You'll meet a great community of women

One of the BEST things to come out of my maternity leave all those years ago, was the friends I
made. It was this community of moms that taught me so much about family, babies and parenting, all in a very ad hoc way. When I had questions or concerns, these were the friends I turned to then, and still do today. I'm still hanging out with these moms and we're still bouncing advice off one another (although our questions and concerns have changed quite a bit from seventeen years ago!). It really warms my heart to see so many new friendships "born" at FITMOM classes.

5. The Price is Right (but I won't be asking you to "Come on Down!"*)

Our spring/summer schedule has SIX classes a week in May/June and FIVE classes a week in July. to choose from. The more often you can attend classes in a week, the lower your cost per class is. There are FITMOM Stroller Strength, FITMOM and Baby and FITWOMAN classes offered from Monday to Friday, so you can attend as many classes as you'd like during the week.

(*A little side humour from my mat leave days where I spent many mornings listening to Bob Barker on The Price is Right, while nursing my babies!)

Thanks to all of the mammas that bought our Get FIT for Summer Passes! They are SOLD OUT!

PS. Sometimes the unlimited summer pass doesn't quite work out for you. Don't worry, you can always buy our Signature 8 Class Pass at anytime!

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