It's time! All of the FITMOM Ottawa classes are moving outside to the parks! Here are few things you might want to know...

What Should I Bring?

For You:

A little "ground" work!

  • Water

  • A towel, mat or blanket for "floor" work

  • A jacket for rain

  • A hat

  • Sunscreen

  • Bug spray (*this is VERY important for evening classes!)

For Your Baby:

  • A stroller (it doesn't need to be a running stroller specifically, but it should have only one handle and should be sturdier than an umbrella stroller)

  • A hat

  • A sun or rain shield (if you have one)

  • A blanket for your baby to lie/sit on

  • Toys

  • Snacks (for older babies)

Some babies aren't as happy in the stroller as others. Please feel free to bring your baby carrier with you and use it, if that's what your baby prefers. Modifications will be provided:)

What if it Rains?

It was a bit wet, but we still had tons of fun!

Even though none of us really likes the thought of working out in the rain, we still feel better when we do, which means that all of the FITMOM Stroller Strength classes will run, rain or shine! Luckily, our Brewer Park location has a covered area that we are usually able to use for at least a portion of the class when it rains. It also has a beautiful shady area to protect us from the sun.

If it's raining, please bring your rain jacket and rain cover for your stroller and enjoy your workout! Sometimes the rainy days are the most fun!

When are FITMOM Classes Cancelled?

All FITMOM outdoor classes will be cancelled in the event of thunder or lightning and for very high temperatures.

As weather can be very unpredictable and last minute, classes are sometimes cancelled only a short time before they are scheduled to begin. Any changes in classes will always be posted on the FITMOM Ottawa Facebook page and they will be cancelled on the FITMOM schedule (if you reserve a space in a class using the FITMOM Ottawa phone app that is cancelled at the last minute, then you will automatically receive an email cancellation notice when the class is cancelled).

Please "LIKE" FITMOM Ottawa on Facebook so that you can automatically see any updates that are posted. Our page is a public page, so even if you aren't on Facebook, you can still follow the link above and find the information you need.

If you have other questions that haven’t been answered here, this FAQ will probably answer them:)

One Last Note...

Our Strollercise group in fall 2002! (photo: Kelly Knoll)

Our outdoor FITMOM classes are some of my favourites and I'm always excited to see everyone more often so that I can get to know you better. Personal motivation is always difficult for us (it's human nature!), so it's great to see friends who come to classes together. But, I also really love when you make new friends through the FITMOM Programs (mom and baby exercise classes were how I met some of my favourite people, way back when my kids were babies!) and I've witnessed many new friendships as a result!

If you're just starting out, please take things at your own pace and choose lower impact options. Don't feel compelled to "keep up" with anyone. Some women have been coming to FITMOM for a long time! There are always modifications for sore joints, abdominal separation, pelvic floor issues and anything else you might need them for. There will always be an option for low impact vs high impact. Don't be afraid to ask me!

I hope you'll enjoy getting fit, having fun and meeting new friends this summer! 

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