If you’re anything like me, the springtime brings thoughts of a summer filled with relaxation, hanging out and wondering what to do with oodles of extra time. But, between work, vacation, BBQs and summer parties, the calendar fills up quickly and the first thing to go is our regular fitness routine. With kids at home and no set schedule, it can be a challenge to fit in a little exercise!

Even though FITMOM Ottawa classes are running on a reduced schedule this August, rest assured, there are still ways to stay active over the next month, when you’re out and about with your kids! Here are some suggestions to keep you and the entire family active in August:

1. Go for a swim!


There are lots of indoor and outdoor pools and some great local beaches across the City, where families can go for a swim. If you have a chance to go solo, you can try lane swimming, or you might look for a mom and baby program if it’s just you and your little one. There are also wave pools, splash pads and waterparks across Ottawa that older kids love! You’ll want to check various websites before you go to find out when the open swim times or classes are, since some programs don’t run for the entire summer. Swimming is an excellent way to stay fit, keep cool and have fun!

2. Try a new family sport

If the kids are at home, one of the best ways to stay active is to do something together. This not only encourages the kids to get moving, but you as well. It may not be a traditional endurance program, but it’s surprising how energetic families can be when they’re doing a physical activity together. Over the years, we’ve done many things as a family - biking, tennis, badminton and volleyball, to name a few (we even have our own badminton and volleyball nets!). These activities promote both quality family time and healthy physical activity – win-win!

3. Visit your local Community Centre

Visit your local community centre for details about any special fitness programs that they may be offering this summer. For example, the Old Ottawa South Firehall in my neighbourhood, has a drop in fitness program that includes yoga and dance. Because it’s a drop in option, you have more flexibility and can plan your visits around summer camps or babysitters. Some community centres may even offer other family programming over the summer.

4. Play Freeze Tag

This game will bring back plenty of memories from your childhood, is an exciting way to increase your cardio and the kids love it! Growing up, we played games like this in our backyard and the neighbourhood kids would all join in after supper. It was loads of fun! If you don’t have a backyard big enough, find a park to play in and you’ll be sure to have a whole slew of kids playing with you before you know it!

5. Take a walk to your local park.


A simple walk to the park can be one of the best ways to stay active. With the kids in tow, you can encourage everyone to get moving! Use the play structure or benches at your park to get in some of your own exercise. You can practice some step-ups, push-ups or tricep dips on the benches or use the high bar to try some pull ups while the kids run around and tire themselves out.  

6. Attend a few Pop-Up fitness classes

Finally, you can join us at one of our FITMOM Ottawa Pop-Up classes this August! You can choose from the FITWOMAN class or the FITMOM Stroller Strength class:

  • August 1: FITWOMAN at KV Dance Studio @ 7:30 pm

  • August 2: FITMOM Stroller at Brewer Park @ 10:00 am

  • August 8: FITWOMAN at KV Dance Studio @ 7:30 pm

  • August 9: FITMOM Stroller at Brewer Park @ 10:00 am

  • August 13: FITMOM Stroller at Brewer Park @ 10:00 am

  • August 15: FITWOMAN at KV Dance Studio @ 7:30 pm

  • August 20: FITMOM Stroller at Brewer Park @ 10:00 am

  • August 22: FITWOMAN at KV Dance Studio @ 7:30 pm

Please remember to reserve your space in the class you’d like to attend! We’re looking forward to seeing you a few times in August! We’ll be back to our regular schedule, beginning September 9th.