Summer Activities to keep you busy in Ottawa with your Babies, Toddlers or Kids!

I‘m always so happy when the nice weather arrives because it means that FITMOM classes can be outdoors again! Even though the weather is sometimes an issue to deal with, I know that we all enjoy being in the sunshine and warmth for a change after the seemingly never-ending cold and rainy months.

The summer also means that as parents, we're often looking to keep busy with our kids. Schools across Ottawa are wrapping up their year and while camps and family vacation time will soon fill some of our summer days, they won’t necessarily cover them all. Fortunately, Ottawa has lots of of great summer activities to build memories with our kids that aren't necessarily expensive. Hopefully, they'll keep everyone active and engaged and will keep those two little words ‘I’m bored’ to a minimum.

Do you have a favourite summer activity to do in Ottawa? Drop it in the comments below for other parents who might be looking to add to their own lists!

Here are a few of FITMOM's recommendations for summer fun:

1. Visit the splash pads and wading pools

Ottawa has so much green space, we should consider ourselves lucky. Right in our suburban and urban neighbourhoods are splash pads and wading pools. You can visit a different one every day of the summer and you might not see them all! Pick one that is nearby to you, or venture out across the city for some exploring. Savvy Mom has compiled a great list to get you started!

2. Treat yourself to some frozen treats

Can we really call it summer without a popsicle or ice cream? If your neighbourhood has an ice cream truck, keep some change near your front door for when you hear the tell-tale song. Or, check out local places like The Merry Dairy truck for some delicious ice cream and Stella Luna for some award winning gelato.

3. Take a Neighbourhood walk

Maybe your family is already quite familiar with your neighbourhood, but if not, the summer is the perfect time to find a new walking route to explore. I’m sure all of our neighbourhoods have something interesting to offer (I know mind does!) and you never know when you might stumble on a new park or shop.

Parliament Buildings: Celebrate Canada's 150th!

Parliament Buildings: Celebrate Canada's 150th!

4. Visit your local Library

The Ottawa Public Library has free programming for children all summer long. There are special event days for children of various ages with themes incorporated into them. Aside from scheduled events, the library is a place where kids can browse their favourite book section, toddlers can explore and everyone can find a new summer read.

5. Head out to an Outdoor Movie Night

All across the city during this summer are outdoor movie nights. Most often, they are held at local parks, and there’s a definite old-school drive-in feel to them. All you need to bring are some lawn chairs and blankets, plus admission if required. Check out the Capital Pop Up Cinema, if you're in the city. The Ottawa Kids website has a great list of children's movies, if you prefer to stay in the suburbs.

6. Celebrate Canada's 150th

Of course, this year is Canada's 150th Anniversary and celebrations are happening everywhere! In Ottawa, there are many special events you can attend, festivals you can go to and sights you can see. Take some time to be a tourist in your own city!

Whatever you choose, I hope you have a terrific summer!