I've just found out I'm pregnant. When is the best time to begin a prenatal exercise program?

Current guidelines recommend beginning your exercise program as soon as possible. It's never too late to begin! You can register for the FITMOM 2B class as soon as you have your caregiver's (family doctor, midwife or OB) permission.

Is it safe for me to join if I haven't been doing any exercise for a long time?

The FITMOM 2B class is tailored to take into consideration your specific pregnancy related risks, your fitness level and your stage of pregnancy. Individual needs are met through program modifications offered at all classes.

What special training does a FITMOM Instructor have?

FITMOM Ottawa instructors are certified as Personal Trainers or Fitness Instructors through recognized certifying bodies such as CanFitPro or the YMCA and they are required to maintain their certification through continuing education each year. Instructors also have additional training and certifications in prenatal and postnatal fitness. 

What should I wear to a FITMOM 2B class?

You should wear athletic shoes that will properly support your feet and wear comfortable workout clothes including a supportive bra, that will prevent you from overheating.

What should I bring to a FITMOM 2B class?

You should bring a bottle of water to class. Mats and weights are provided at indoor classes, but you are free to bring your own mat, if you prefer. For outdoor classes please bring a towel or mat for exercises that we may do on the ground.

Can exercise during pregnancy cause a miscarriage?

Despite the myths and associated fear, exercise has been shown not to increase the risk of miscarriage. Caregivers who are aware of the current guidelines for exercise during pregnancy will encourage exercise during the all trimesters of a healthy pregnancy.

Can I exercise if I'm pregnant with twins?

A twin pregnancy is what the fitness profession calls a relative contraindication. It means that you may exercise when carrying twins, but you must consider the exaggerated pregnancy symptoms that come with twins. It is recommended that you talk to your caregiver about your specific risks and that your prenatal fitness specialist is certified in prenatal fitness so that you can continue to exercise in a safe and effective manner for your pregnancy.

I heard that my heart rate should not be any higher than 140 beats per minute while I’m exercising. Is this true? 

In a regular exercise program, you may be working within a targeted heart rate zone. When you are pregnant, using your heart rate to determine an appropriate level of intensity is less accurate as it doesn’t properly consider your age or your stage of pregnancy. Also, 140 bpm may be too intense for some, who have not been previously active, but not intense enough for others, who may have been very active before becoming pregnant. Heart rate response to exercise during pregnancy can be quite variable. This is why governing societies (SOGC and ACOG) recommend using the TALK TEST – the ability to hold a light conversation without becoming out of breath. If you’re having trouble talking during your workout, you need to dial down the intensity.