What special training does a FITMOM Instructor have?

FITMOM Ottawa instructors are certified as Personal Trainers or Fitness Instructors through recognized certifying bodies such as CanFitPro or the YMCA and they are required to maintain their certification through continuing education each year. Instructors also have additional training and certifications in prenatal and postnatal fitness. 

What should I bring to a FITMOM Stroller Strength class?

You should bring your baby (of course!), your stroller, a baby toy, a snack (for older babies and toddlers), a blanket for your baby to lie on when babies aren't in the stroller. For you, a mat or towel for core work, a bottle of water and sunscreen/bug spray are all handy to have.

What should I wear to a FITMOM Stroller Strength class?

You should wear comfortable workout clothes, a supportive bra (or two!) and athletic shoes that will properly support your feet. Keep in mind that your feet may change shape or possibly change size during your pregnancy, so it's important to invest in a new pair of athletic shoes before beginning a fitness program after your baby's birth.

Do I need a special stroller for FITMOM Stroller Strength classes?

We recommend that you use a sturdy stroller during the class and many strollers on the market will work. The best strollers for this class have one handle across the stroller and larger wheels. Umbrella strollers are not recommended for use during this class.

When is the earliest I can begin classes once my baby is born?

Each mom will have a different postpartum recovery period based on her own individual circumstances. If you’ve had an uneventful vaginal birth and your bleeding has ceased completely, you may be able to begin exercising as early as about 4 weeks postpartum. If you’ve had a more complicated delivery or your bleeding has not stopped, you may need a longer recovery period. Your approval to begin an exercise program after the birth of your baby, should come from your caregiver.

What will my baby do during class?

In our FITMOM Stroller Strength class, we try to incorporate babies into our workout and use them as extra resistance during many of our exercises. As your baby grows, he will provide progressive resistance to help you become fit and strong.

What should I do if my baby cries or fusses during class?

We are all moms and are used to hearing babies make noise. You should never feel like you need to leave a class because your baby is fussy! This is a class for you and your baby, so you should feel free to tend to your baby's needs - whether it's feeding or comforting. Your instructor will always work to keep the class moving and your baby happy. If that means a little cuddle while you're getting your workout done, your instructor is always pleased to help!

I have twins. How can I come to a FITMOM class with them?

Moms with twins can definitely come to a FITMOM class. There are a few options that you can choose from. Most moms of twins will have a double stroller, but you're also welcome to baby wear at our stroller classes. If you bring a carrier for your second baby, the instructor will happily wear her. Our instructors don't have their own babies to tend to and are available to support you with in any capacity required (except, of course, taking them home for the night:). Alternatively, you can bring a friend without a baby to help you out during the class. Whichever option you choose, we're happy to welcome twin moms in any way to our classes, as we know that being a twin mom can be especially isolating and we want you to have the same opportunity to exercise, socialize and get out of the house with your babies as moms with only one baby!

Will exercising affect my milk supply?

Research shows that, although exercise increases your lactic acid, it's not a concern for your baby's health. If your baby doesn't feed well after you've finished a workout, it's often due to the salty taste of mom's sweaty breast and not the slightly altered taste of your breastmilk. If this is an issue, bring a washcloth with you to help remove the salty flavour. Also, remember that your level of lactic acid will drop within about 90 minutes of your workout, and as an alternative, you could feed your baby right before you exercise to give your body time to recover and return to a more normal level of lactic acid.

If I have visitors who would like to spend time with my baby, can I attend the class without her?

Of course you can attend without your baby! FITMOM classes are designed to work with moms and fit your needs. If you have a chance to work out on your own and it's during a FITMOM Stroller Strength class, please feel free to come along!