FITMOM 2B Classes Offered



Beginning May 28, FITMOM 2B classes will become a weekly series, with a start and end date. You can register for the series in full, or if you decide to join part way through the series, you can register at a prorated price, provided the series is not full.

FITMOM 2B fitness classes focus on improving your muscular balance, cardiovascular endurance and core stability, so that you feel more energetic and strong throughout your pregnancy. Active and healthy pregnant women go into labour with an advantage that helps them endure the physical demands of delivery.

We invite women at any stage of their pregnancy to join in this class. As you progress through your pregnancy, we can provide modifications to help alleviate some of the discomforts you may be feeling on a day to day basis. Exercising during your entire pregnancy (including right up to your delivery), is not only recommended, but provides the stamina, strength and mental focus required during your labour and delivery.

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